Ban (or at least discourage) the use of chemicals poisoning our food, air and water

I am here to make A passionate plea to ban the indiscriminate use of chemicals and fertilizers in our food.


Aharveda – the good food philosophy has been converting people to a healthier, happier way of life. Food or Ahar has always been Harish’s passion. It was his sincere wish to contribute in a holistic way to people’s wellbeing.

Today his dedicated efforts and food expertise have given form to his vision. As the numerous testimonials indicate, Aharveda works. In a miraculous, dramatic way!

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‘Motivation’ is defined as ‘the general desire to want to do something’. It is this desire that helps us to overcome challenges in order to accomplish a task.

A lack of motivation leads us to abandon our plans. We all know what happens to all those New Year Resolutions we make year after year. To give up smoking. To lose weight. To control our bad temper. To complete that course we took to get a promotion. To be more diligent at work. To spend more time with the family. To spend less. To read more. And so on.

Yet, year after year, we give up on our resolutions, attributing it to a lack of motivation. So is there a way out of this vicious cycle?

Yes, there always is. Get creative and motivate yourself.

  • Make a Vision Board-This a wonderful way to remind yourself of all that you can gain by persevering. Cut out pictures from magazines of all the things you wish to achieve. Make a collage and keep the board where you can see it every day.
  • Read inspiring quotes.
  • Reward yourself-  Treat yourself to something nice when you have achieved a goal. Celebrate a victory. The memory of it will take you forward the next time you wish to achieve a goal.
  • Be kind to yourself-  We are all human. So learn to be patient with yourself. Everyone has their highs and lows.
  • Keep a record of all your achievements. When you focus on your successes, you will automatically be spurred on to do better.
  • So stay focused, keep yourself motivated and make your plans work for you.


Like happiness, positivity is a choice. It is the personality behind our thoughts. Are you an optimist? Do you see the silver lining in every cloud? Or are you a pessimist who always sees the glass as half empty?

Being positive is a challenge in our times. We have so much to remind us that ours is an imperfect world. The news is always focused on disasters, crime and other upsetting, unsettling things.

It is so much easier to fall in with the herd and think gloomy thoughts. However, this can be immensely detrimental to our mental and physical wellbeing. Think happy thoughts and you will be happy. Similarly, good things happen to positive people. We attract more of those things to which we give our attention. When we focus on the negative, we attract unpleasantness into our life.

The movies we watch, the books we read, the company we keep – they all determine our state of mind. Hence, it is necessary to be mindful of these things. Start by being more discerning. Surround yourself with positivity. Read books that lift your spirits. Be around people who bring out the best in you. Eat to nourish your mind and body. Get adequate sleep. Encourage others. Follow an exercise routine. And finally, look for the good in others and in all situations. Stay positive, stay well.


Happiness is a state of mind. More importantly, it is a choice. Yes, we seek it in different places. In money, in relationships, in food, in places. Yet the pursuit of happiness often leads to unhappiness. How’s that for irony?

Happiness is for everyone. The rich and the poor. You can access it anywhere. Tap into it anytime. Because, happiness is within. The reason we don’t experience it is because it takes some doing to bring it to the surface.

Living a life of meaning and purpose is the best way to find this elusive feeling called ‘happiness’. When we choose to find our purpose in life, we sign up for the biggest adventure of all. The journey may not be smooth. However, nothing worth achieving ever is, isn’t it? The path may be difficult, but when we live a life aligned with our true purpose we become happier and feel incredibly alive.

Random acts of kindness are another way to experience happiness. There is a lot of joy in giving. It releases ‘endorphins’ or happy hormones and also makes another person’s day. Philanthropists know this and are therefore, always looking for new ways to give.

So learn to give. Learn to accept life. Learn to live with meaning and purpose. And as the song goes, ‘Don’t worry. Be Happy.’

Food & Nutrition

Health is wealth. We know that, yet it is surprising how we think of health as an external thing. In fact, health is what we do to ourselves. Directly or through the environment we live in. Everything influences it. Food is perhaps, the greatest, most powerful of these influences. What we eat has a significant impact on our health.

We eat for many reasons. Yes, that’s true. We don’t only eat when we are hungry, right? We eat to celebrate, to fight boredom, when we are stressed or as a form of entertainment.

If we wish to enjoy a healthy mind and a healthy body, it is necessary to eat to nourish ourselves. Junk food, highly processed food, deep-fried stuff – these don’t really qualify as nutritious food. When we eat a regular diet of such food, we are ignoring our body’s need for vital minerals and vitamins.

This can have an alarming effect on our entire system. First of all, it weakens our immunity, making us vulnerable to disease. Our stamina is affected, so is our mood.


To encourage people in leading a life not only for them but also for others and to create a society where the elders are respected and taken care of.


To spread the message of equality, empowerment and good health among the people which enables them to lead a better life and create more opportunities for themselves and others.

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Ban (or at least discourage) the use of chemicals poisoning our food, air and water.

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